Chorizo Beignets

Time Needed - Approx. 45 mins
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Want something deep fried and crispy right now? Well look no further, because right here could possibly be the perfect snack.

Introducing, French choux pastry beignets… with a twist!

“Beignets”, “fritters”, “deep fried crispy bites of heaven”! What ever you know them by, these crispy little delights should come with a warning! Because once you have one of these you will not be able to stop!

No longer is Choux pastry limited to baking in the oven for profiteroles and eclairs, it is also perfect for deep frying to become light, airy, crisp little bites that can be used for either sweet or savoury recipes.

In French, beignet means fried dough and you really can’t go wrong deep frying any dough!
If you love doughnuts, churros, cronuts, or yum yums, now you can add beignets to the list!!

These moreish little flavour bombs go one stage further than traditional plain beignets.

Our beignet recipe has a fantastic balance of spice and sweetness with the use of chorizo and sweetcorn, lifted with some fresh basil and coriander and enriched with creamy Manchego.

Beignets are the perfect match to our sweetcorn soup, but also work on their own as a canapé, or just with an ice cold beer and can be knocked up in no time. But you might want to make a double batch, you’ll be surprised how many get eaten in the name of “quality control”!

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1 Qty Choux Pastry

150g Chorizo

100g Manchego

10g Coriander

10g Basil

1/2 Corn on the cobboiled

Vegetable Oil, for deep frying


Step 1.

  • Using a sharp knife remove the kernels from the cob, finely chop the chorizo, Manchego, basil and coriander and put into a bowl together
  • Add the choux pastry to the chopped ingredients, season and mix well.
  • Place the mixture into a piping bag and refrigerate until needed. 

The beignet dough can be refrigerated in the piping bag for up to three days.

Step 2.

  • Heat the oil to 180ºC using a deep fat fryer (or a pan and a probe thermometer)
  • Pipe the beignet mix over the pan of oil and using a palette knife, or small sharp knife dipped in water, cut off 2cm lengths allowing the beignets to drop into the pot of oil.

Step 3.

  • Fry the beignets for 3-4 minutes, turning regularly until crispy and golden brown all over.
  • Carefully remove the cooked beignets from the oil and drain on some kitchen paper and season.
  • Keep warm until needed.

Step 4.

Crack open a cold beer and serve those crispy little wonders!

One of the amazing things about choux pastry is the amount of rise you get without any yeast or chemical leavening. It all comes from the amount of moisture in the batter.

This means you can affect the lightness of your beignets with the amount of egg you add.

If you like the beignets a little lighter add a little more egg to the choux to make a slightly looser choux pastry, or a little less if you like them a little denser.

If you want to know more about choux pastry check out our recipe right here, to really get to grips with it!

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This isn't the end of the line when it comes to these beignets!

You can mix all kinds of ingredients into the choux
to make a whole variety of fantastic beignets!

Or you can just keep it simple!

Try deep frying plain choux pastry and tossing it in some caster sugar
to have with your morning coffee!!

(You can thank us later!)

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